Cudos Global Compute Network and Things You Should Know!


Cudos is becoming one of the most widely used and global computing networks available today. Many people can use this network to store and work with ease.

The world is evolving and things are gradually being convenient. The Internet is becoming one of the important tools to help human development. Cudos is a global network, helping people operate more conveniently through computers and the internet. Cudos brings many breakthroughs and is a decentralized computer network that provides a reliable, class 2 pioneering network for scalable blockchains and cloud resources. To better understand this global network, let’s go to find out right now.

What is Cudos’ global network?

Cudos provides a bridge between the blockchain world and the outside world to allow blockchains to use external data.

Cudos is a Layer 2 multi-chain solution, providing Turing-complete external data and computing for blockchains. Because blockchains are immutable, this means that they are generally very limited in what they can do. This greatly limits their use and would otherwise not have used other solution use cases like DeFi. Cudos provides a bridge between the blockchain world and the outside world to allow blockchains to use external data, APIs and computation.

Cudos also goes one step further and integrates fully with Cudo, a decentralized computing platform that can effectively be understood as Layer 3 for blockchains. This allows for the use of on-demand dedicated hardware, required directly on-chain from a smart contract.

What is Cudos used for?

Layer 2 networks are a necessity for different blockchains, for different reasons. In ethereum, the gas costs are very high when trying to run complex workloads or store data. In the case of Algorand (which is one of the top 50 blockchains) their blockchain is not Turing-complete, which means its computation is very limited. Cudos is working closely with the Algorand team to bring the DeFi feed and Layer 2 compute network into the Algorand network to turn them into a full computing network.

Blockchains are also lacking an efficient method for fetching and using external data, which is crucial for many applications including DeFi. Cudos is an essential step for blockchain technology to progress to the next stage and achieve mass adoption.

Cudos compute oracle

Cudos is the bridge between blockchains and the outside world, to enable the use of external data, APIs, and additional computing power without being limited by blockchain’s troubles. This bridge is absolutely essential for blockchain to achieve mass adoption, as most blockchains are completely disconnected from the outside world, making any interaction impossible.

Cudos can confidently bring you the best and most perfect experiences.

The Cudos network is helping blockchain reach the next level of adoption. The basic Cudo network has been in development since 2017, works with more than 150,000 registered users in more than 145 countries, and about 20,000 nodes running different blockchains and calculating workloads on the network Cudo. Operating system, user interface software, management software, payment tool and all other available features.

Not only does Cudos have a team with a proven track record in the crypto world, but also has global partnerships with data providers and computers. The Cudo team has been working so hard over the years to get to this point and is now ready to make computing for both blockchain through the Cudos network and the traditional cloud with Cudo, with a vision of unifying all two together when all technologies are globally ready.

With this global network, you can certainly accomplish many of the goals that you set yourself up to and make your work easier. Cudos can confidently bring you the best and most perfect experiences.

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