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Currency exchange is one of the top issues of concern for countries. The economy develops around the world, and so does the trading of goods. In order to make currency exchange more convenient, Sögur was born.

Over the past few decades, we have seen the breakdown of boundaries between countries and sectors. Trade, communication and even transaction are less and less limited by nationality or location. The internet era has given birth to communities based on more shared values ​​and interests. A global society has emerged, complete with a thriving economy. Currency exchange has also been simplified thanks to common cryptocurrencies. Sögur is a project to fulfill the mission of connecting world currencies. Let’s go find it with us!

What is Sögur?

Sögur is a project that creates and maintains a digital token, Sögur (SGR), that aims to serve as a global currency

Sögur is a project that creates and maintains a digital token, Sögur (SGR), that aims to serve as a global currency. Sögur’s goal is for SGR to function as a worldwide currency, integrated into the existing financial system, adjusted for the benefit of its holders and endowed with features to become a real store of value and a medium of exchange.

To achieve this goal, Sögur hopes to instill SGR to all the essential components to truly function as a common currency: a strong currency model, an efficient governance system and wide acceptance.

Based on knowledge and expertise from the fields of economics, mathematics, humanities and social sciences, the supplier has designed a currency that we believe has the qualities to gain acceptance widely spread across the globe and has stood the test of time.

Sögur’s global currency: SGR

As mentioned above, Sögur wants to develop SGR as a global currency. Users don’t need to worry about different countries or currencies; the SGR will be the common currency.

As mentioned above, Sögur wants to develop SGR as a global currency

Not issued by a government or private organization, SGR is issued according to market demand under predefined algorithms. Nothing can be considered a feat accomplished through blockchain technology. The design and implementation of SGR are carried out by Sögur Monetary Technologies Limited, an English-language limited guarantee company operating on a non-profit principle.

The Sögur project aims to bridge the existing financial system and the new world of blockchain-based currencies. It’s like connecting traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. Instead of being decided by technology, Sögur used technology as a tool to help achieve its goal of complementary global money that would complement existing value exchange mechanisms.

I have prepared a short introduction to blockchain and an explanation of the history and function of money as a supplement to this document, which some readers may want to read first. Stay tuned in the next articles.

Through this brief introduction to Sögur, I hope you have a quick understanding of this project and its benefits. Currency exchange between countries and regions will be simplified. And I see it as a quality project.

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